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​Huge Ramen Challenge
(1/10/2023 - 30/11/2023)


Christchurch foodies, the long wait is OVER! 
Save your date and pop in any time in October & November for a Huge Ramen Challenge! 


If you can complete this challenge in 10 minutes
it's 4 times of our usual ramen size!

If you have the fastest time on record at the end of October, you will be crowned the huge ramen challenge winner of 2023 & get a $50 voucher!

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Rules to follow

* No reservation required

* Participants need to finish all ingredients in the bowl, including soup, ramen, toppings to be successful.

* Participants need to pay the huge ramen ($65) if challenge failed.

* Participants must complete the challenge by themselves, eating with chopsticks and in one bowl. 

* Time begins as soon as the ramen is in front of you, vomit on site voids entry, so don't push it too hard :)))

* Please let our lovely staff know your special dietary requirements before you take the challenge (vegan option available, but not gluten free).

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